Intel owns AMD stock....


Guess Intel thinks the Hammer will do well =) Here is the report from the inquirer, which obviously reports on rumor more then fact, but this one I checked on and it is true!

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  1. Yes, and Ford owns GM, GM owns Ford, and they both own shares in foreign automakers. Companies do these investments to hedge their bets against any sudden change in their own business.

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  2. Sure also Intel think that ithanium suck big time so the buy million share on sun.


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  3. look around for last years post on this same subject:

    Intel is pimping AMD!

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  4. Quote:
    Intel is pimping AMD!

    Well im pimping amdMELTDOWN!

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  5. and I'm pimping me!

    Any takers? I thought not.

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  6. I think this is probably in the employee's pention plan or some other kind of retirement plan. I don't know what. I had a friend who used to work at Intel and they had some kind of retirement plan which Intel invested moeny in. I think Intel probably bought these shares for this plan. I may be totally wrong.


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  7. Actually you may be right, but these shares in question are part of thier normal investments. Intel currently has about 3.8 BILLION in stock in various companies (they took a bath in Enron stock) down from about 5 billion a year or two ago. Intel had owned AMD stock in the past but sold it. They repurchased 100,000 shares in the last quarter, just thought that was funny they bought em with Hammer on the horizon. Seems to me it means they expect AMD to be around for a while and make some $$ from Hammer =)

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  8. Maybe they are shorting AMD.... j/k This a frequently performed operation. I'm sure AMD owns Intel stock. (or would want to own it if they had the money....)
  9. Maybe they should, I know I bought mine for much less and sold it for much more then its current price =)

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  10. Intel needs a tax write off

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  11. :o)

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