Toshiba Laptop will NOT connect to external Display!

Hello All!

I have a very frustrating problem! I have a "Toshiba Satellite L300" Laptop and until 2 days ago I was able to connect it to my 17 inch "HP 1740" external monitor flawlessly and without hassle! Unfortunately 2 days ago that all stopped for no apparent reason! When I plug the external display into the laptop the laptop's built in display flickers and Windows 7 acknowledges the device, but nothing is sent back to the external display and all I get from the HP 1740 is sleep mode! I hadn't done any updates or added/removed any programs!

To try and fix this issue I tried installing newer drivers for both my graphics card and the monitor! I plugged the monitor into a friends laptop and it worked perfectly, then I tried my Friends new Samsung monitor into my Toshiba and even it did not work! I tried another VGA cable with the monitor and still nothing! I have even gone as far as reformatting my drive, reinstalling Windows 7 and starting fresh and still nothing! Is there anyone out there that can please help me? I have searched online and found nothing relevant to my situation!

Laptop Specs are - Intel Pentium Dual CPU T3000 2.00ghz, 4gb Ram, Mobile intel 4 Series Express Chipset, Windows 7 64 Bit

I appreciate any information that could possibly solve this issue... Thank You!
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  1. Yes, I've tried that :( as well as going directly into the display settings and still nothing!
  2. I am experiencing the same issue, did you ever find a fix for this?
  3. Exactly same problem here - reformatted C drive - went to Windows 8 - external monitor still refuses to work!
  4. Maybe this is the same problem evrywhere coz even mine has done it 2 days ago now I know wat not to buy anymore
  5. Hello,
    Have you tried the Windows key (the flag) and P? Good luck,
  6. Jimmy I was in the same situation with my windows 8 laptop it went blank I read your answer did it straight away and it works! Thank you
  7. I have the same problem with my laptop and like everyone here I never found a solution online seems like a software issue though...
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