MSI supplier in the UK?

Can anyone tell me of either a high street store or online store located in the UK which has some of the newer MSI gaming laptops?

Specifically I am looking for the GT683R or the GT780R. So far all I can find in the UK are the standard GT680's and 780's which only have the 480M GPU. Even those seem overpriced. When I look at the US ones and add the VAT I would pay they are still cheaper than the lesser models listed with people like CCL in the UK.

Are these two newer laptops unavailable on UK shores atm or am I just looking in the wrong places?

Also does anyone know exactly when the even newer GT682 and 780DXR's will be out? I have read the 3rd of August but we are well past that date now so obviously that didn't happen.

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  1. Currently,the only MSI gaming laptop you can find in the UK is the MSI GT680(check OCUK)
    780's and 683R's aren't released yet.(w/570M GPU)
  2. high street store?
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