Where is the cmos battery on the Gateway P-6860 FX laptop computer

does this product have a button battery or cmos batter inside?
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  1. Most likely a battery about the size of a 10 pence peice, either soldered directly to the motherboard or if you are lucky in a standard pop-out holder.

    Usually this will either be under a flap on the bottom case for easy access, or (more than likely since it's gateway) you will have to dismantle the entire system to get at the battery.

    Try removing all access panels and keybaord before going for a full teardown though, you might get lucky.

    And to avoid craqcked plastics remember, they only bend so far when you are trying to prise them off, if it seems really tight, there's probably a screw still holding it in place.
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    Generally newer laptops have CMOS batteries attached to the motherboard by one of three methods:

    1. Battery in recess under keyboard or under a door on the bottom stuck with adhesive and a short cable that plugs into motherboard.

    2. Battery in a clip similar to desktop (usually a standard CR2032)

    3. Battery soldered to motherboard in some manner (rare, but normally this is the case w/lower entry-level systems)

    When taking apart the laptop take pictures where necessary of cable routing/positioning. Use a 1 or two small pillboxes and put the various groups of screws in pillbox sections--mark down which screws are in each section preferably in the order they were removed.

    Patience and observation is a great virtue in doing this work!
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