Dell inspiron 3520 web camera driver download

i want web cam driver for dell inspiron 3520
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  1. Have you tried ?
  2. yes i tried it. i tried that for home user section but there was no driver for web cam.
  3. Dell > Support > Drivers & Downloads
    Enter you service tag number and/or "analyze system for updates". A manual search turns up "DellCam" drives, but it requires the OS version.
  4. Unfortunately there is not webcam drivers available, it is a known Dell fault, for the best results you would have to read long post for a different model, but those methods may be applicable to you as well

    You may also, try this guide

    Please report back so we know which way helped you.
  5. Brianlolo said:

    This would be so easy. Check your link and see - there is no webcam drivers there, LOL.
    It is known problem - finding Dell laptop webcam drivers.
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