Packard Bell ns44 sandy bridge bug


For some reason my laptop model isn't on PB's website. (or acers)

It's a EasyNote NS44 i-3 2310m

How can I tell if my laptop is effected by the sandy bridge 6-series sata bug?

I do have the 6-series chipset but am not sure if it is the new fixed version?

It looks like I am using the effected ports but still am not sure, please advise a way I can make sure
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  1. You won't have any SATA III - 6GB/s SSD or HDD installed.
    And all affected laptops and chipsets were recalled or withdrawn 7 months ago.
    Only B3 stepping hardware has been on sale the last 5 months.
  2. Thanks, but I didn't think it only effected sata III?

    I thought the bug was for any sata port including the cd drive with 6-series chipsets using ports 2-5.

    How can I be sure if I am or not effected? The place I bought the laptop from might have sold me an old model i got it for a great price.

    If anyone knows, please tell me how I can check if I am effected.
  3. WR2 can you please tell me why you think only sata3 is effected?

    Intels website says sata ports...

    Forgive me for not trusting you but 1 intel doesn't say it only effects sata3..

    also last week you tried to tell me 250 mb is equal to 2.5 gb...

    How did you get your expert level on this forum when you seem to not know what you are talking about?
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