$600 - Is this setup okay?

It took me two months to decide on what to get, I don't know why it took me that long. So how does this setup sound, keeping in mind that I'm on a budget because of college and everything.

Athlon xp 1700+ - $120
Gigabyte 7vrxp - $132
gf2 mx400 - $60 (I'll upgrade this later on)
256 mb pc2100 crucial ram - $78
60gb 7200rpm maxtor HD - $100
16x pioneer dvd-rom - $50

Total= $540

Then all I'll need is a good case.
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  1. Look around at Newegg.com or some other online computer store. You can get a Gf2 GTS 32MB for $50. Beats the Gf2 Mx400 anyday. Other than that, good setup.

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  2. Cool, thanks for the advice. You saved me some money.

    Now can anyone recommend a good case, preferably with a removable mb tray but it's not necessary.
  3. You said you were going budget, right? Well, if you want to save another $60 or so, you can get an ECS K7S5A motherboard for about $60 or so. Pretty good for a rock bottom price. Just make sure you get a high quality PSU 300W or higher from a good manufacturer like Antec or Enermax.

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  4. Yeah, with the money saved, he could try to get it up to a Radeon 8500 or GF3 Ti200! Pretty tight but greatly saved money on better bargains!

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  5. I want to make sure I get a board that serves good for future upgrades, which is why I picked a kt333 board. I don't know much about the ECS MB, what I need to know is if it will be able to support the top of the line products I plan to upgrade to in the future.
  6. If you have your heart set on a board based on the KT333 chipset, then go for the PC2700 RAM.

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  7. Newegg.com has the maxtop case with 3 fans and 350 watt amd approved power supply for only $47. A little noisier, but will keep your athlon cool. Also check their refurbished section for deals on motherboards and video cards.
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