Screen adjustment resets on startup

Windows XP seems to never remember how I adjust my 1024*768 res, let alone any other, whenever I boot into it on a cold boot!
I always have to adjust it slightly, it just never keeps it that.
I could suspect the monitor itself's driver, but I'd like some suggestions first.

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  1. I think the monitor is the prob. Usually, when u change the location of the monitor the screen ajustment slightly changes (because of the different magnetic field or something). Maybe u have some stuff that disturbes the monitor, like big speakers closeby or just a very big magnet :) that affects the monitor.

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  2. I have a similar problem with WinXP and ATI AIW radeon 9700 pro & catalyst 3.1. It mainly occurs if I install a new device (and hence it's driver) or if I update the driver for an existing device. The res keeps reverting back to 640x400, even though I keep resetting it to 1024x768. This happens less if I reset the display to 800x600, but I want 1024x768.

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