AMD T-Bird 1GHz Overclockable?

My system is a 1 GHz T-Bird on a Asus A7V motherboard, 256 mb sdram CL3. Asus probe states that the temp of the CPU is btwn 55 C to 58 C.

I was wondering if it would be better to invest in a new mainboard and processor which I would have to get over time due to my limited budget--a mainboard and ram, then a processor later--or should I try to overclock the system and get a good heat sink. I have built many computers, but I have never tried overclocking them.

Also, would a T-Bird 1GHz FSB 200 mhz work in a Asus A7V333 temporarily until I get money enough to buy a decent processor? I imagine I would see some performance advantage on a DDR333 board versus the A7V that I currently own.

Any comments would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. The best upgrade for you is the following.

    A good hsf, alphapal8045 or some similar monster.
    A kt333 motherboard
    some pc2700 ddr.

    YOu put your current chip into this motherboard and run it at 166fsb with the highest stable multiplier.

    THis will give you good performance and depending on your tbird you may get a 200-400mhz overclock out of it.

    Then in a few months when your system begins to lag, BUY the CHEAPEST(or more if you want) tbred and with that SWEET hsf you will be able to overclock that to SKYHIGH levels.

    THis is the most cost effective and logical upgrade path I can think of for you.


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  2. Here's my advice:

    Sell the whole god damn thing a bit before Throughbred turns up to some ignorant moron. (Do I make myself clear ? :cool: )

    THEN you go buy the stuff Matisaro adviced you of.

  3. That works. If he buys the ddr and mobo now, he can sell his current mobo and ram to someone else, then sell the processor when the tbred comes out.

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  4. Thanks for the advice.

  5. Aside from what they recommended, if you have a recent version of the Asus BIOS, there might be a reason behind why these temps are incredibly high. The new BIOS supposedly adds almost 10º more to fake temps, which I have no idea why, since I own an Epox 8KHA+.

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  6. I have the latest asus bios for the a7v, so that means my real temp is 28C? :) I see no change of temperature with the 1005 (original) and the 1008 bios. But again, it was showing almost the same before I installed all my fans so I don't trust it much, my heatsink is damn cold to the touch that I know.

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  7. I just upgraded my 900 duron to a 1.33 athlon
    max overclock I can do is 1.533 stable.
    ditch the cas 3 ram also and get cas 2
    Volcano 7 HSF
  8. In answer to you question, "AMD T-Bird 1GHz Overclockable?". The answer is probably yes. How much depends on which Tbird core you have and how well you can cool it. Most of the last Tbirds (AYHJAR-Y core, I think) could overclock to 1500mhz plus, even the Tbird 1000s (like mine). However, for the earlier Tbird 1000s (200mhz FSB) I think the average overclock was something like 1200mhz.

    Basically, it depends on which core you have and how well you can cool it. In any case, you probably can overclock it.

    Your temperatures are a concern. If your CPU temps are truly 55-58 degrees I don't think you are going get very far. However, since you have an A7V you may have an old copy of Asus Probe which was known to give readings about 10 degrees higher than other motherboards. Still, you will probably want replace the heatsink/fan before doing any overclocking and get the latest version of Asus Probe. (Motherboard Monitor 5.x is good third-party program). The good news is you can get really good HSFs for less than $20, today.

    Stewpot, now I will ask you a question. Where do you need more performance? Gaming? Mpeg2 or DivX encoding? Application load times? What?

    If you just want more performance for gaming then get the best video card you can afford. This would give you the most gaming performance for money spent. Upgrade with a new CPU, motherboard, and memory later.

    If you need better, well-rounded performance. You can try to overclock. That would help but it's unknown how successful you will be. Basically, with an older Tbird (200mhz FSB) you want unlock it and overclock by increasing the multiplier.

    You could also just upgrade the processor but you are pretty much limited to the Tbird (200) at 1400 mhz, assuming a BIOS is available to support the Tbird 1.4.

    Lastly, you could do a system upgrade and yes your Tbird 1.0 (200) should work in any modern motherboard. Just make sure if it has an FSB jumper to set it to 100mhz so you rsystem isn't trying to POST at 10*133. If you unlock the processor you can change the FSB and multiplier in BIOS. Running your Tbird at 7.5*133 will give you better performance and you won't be overclocking the processor. If you choose to overclock (on the new motherboard) you can keeping nudging the multiplier.

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