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I have 4 pc's networked together using a hub. I have a macintosh as well. I want to network the two systems together. Does anyone know how to do this? What should I buy, money is no object.

Please help.
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  1. just buy a Four port Router (i have a linksys).... hook 4 of the pcs to the router, use the WAN port on the router to connect the hub, and then you can connect a bunch more computer's to the hub. And you don't have to pay for a bunch of IP's from your ISP!

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  2. But then how would I connect the Macintosh? Just plug it directly to the hub or the router?
  3. To the router. You would need to make sure the protocols are present etc.

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  4. the wan port is used for, well, the wan. you hook it up to the ethernet port on the cable or dsl box. to attatch a hub you have to connect it to the switch part of the router. the uplink port is best to use because you dont have to use a crossover cable. but when you hook a hub up to the uplink you lose the use of port one.

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  5. Sorry, that is correct...i just noticed that when i was looking at my Setup... WAN port goes to the Modem, UPlink is connected to the HUB...

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