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Hi ya'll. I'm looking to get my first gaming laptop - while I've always been a big PC gamer (haven't had a console since N64) I haven't been able to afford a real, current gaming computer. I was always making do with older games, but since I mostly play rpgs, it hasn't been that bad.

Here's the thing about my budget: money is tight these days, but I still want quality and durability. I want to get into all the current games (Skyrim) without worrying if they'll run or not. I'd like this laptop to last me 4 years or more. I'd love it if I could get this for under 1k, but I may go up to 1.3k or so if there is some extra special reason to do so.

What I don't understand, I guess, is if you can get a rig that plays any game for 900 bucks, what is it that we're missing in the ones that cost 3k and up? Are the graphics really that much better? So I really don't know where the price point falls on the quality that I need.

Size - 15 or 17", I'd be happy either way.

Resolution - I don't even own an HD tv so not sure... a mix of performance and looks

Portability - I won't be taking it outside regularly. Doesn't need super portability.

Battery - Definitely keep it plugged in for gaming. Be nice if it could last a couple hours just browsing and listening to tunes.

Ownership - This will be my only computer for 4 years or more. Can't make purchases like this too often.

Game Settings - Don't need all the bells and whistles, but should play anything that comes out and look cool doing it. I usually go with performance over beauty, but it'd be nice not to sacrifice.

Other tasks - Nothing dramatic. Internet, music, games. Watch movies too sometimes, but don't feel the need for blue ray

Storage - 500GB seems to be the standard these days, and that's more than double what I have now, so I'm sure it's good enough.

Live - USA

I realize a lot of these questions get asked, but I figured prices/technology are always changing, and everyone's situation is unique. I very much appreciate any feedback you can give.

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  1. try Gateway P 7908u Fx with nvidia 260 m 4 G Ram F. I have this from 1 year and i work and play with it more than 14 hour/day.
  2. Both look cool, I will definitely investigate and consider them. Thanks!
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