Black Screen when turn on computer!!!

I have an old PIII 800MHz and a Abit-BE6-II mobo...
When I turn it on I don't see anything but a black screen.. Can't tell if it's loading up or anything at all. I also can turn it off with my power button as I have to turn it off with my PSU... My monitor works and I tried two different video cards...
Can figure out what's wrong with it..
Anyone have any idea??? THX!
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  1. start by eliminating possibilitys, check with another vid card. check ram, reseat cpu, check contacts, clear cmos

    i went to the tomshardware forums and all i got was this lousy signature.
  2. Switched ram and rams worked perfectly fine with other computers in my house hold. Reset and just resets but can't see anything.. Tried an AGP and PCI vid card. Took out that round battery for more than a minute... not sure if that would clear the cmos but still nothing happens... contacts were all tight...
  3. Sounds like a bad power supply to me. You might try to swap that and see if it fixes it.

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  4. Well I'm using a PII 266 on it right now and seems to be nothing wrong right now. Thx for the tip though!
  5. Do you get any beeps?

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  6. no post?
    it must be that Intel cheap crap you have...
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    *sarczm - not intended for the orginal writer of the post*

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  7. lol, you sound like juin.

    AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
  8. Yup the one regular beep at the beginning and that's it.
  9. Weird, are you sure it's not the monitor?

    AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
  10. I know it's weird! I was thinking maybe something burned out on the mobo but I didn't see anything..
    Yes I changed it from a 17" to a 15"..

    The computer used to work perfectly fine till one day when it was turned off and I turned it on and then I just couldn't see anything..
  11. hmm you got a beep? one of my classmates p3 via board just blacked out last month. dunno what did I do but it booted up again after I moved the ram around. poor chap did that 5 times and still nothing happened :)

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  12. Really! Alright thanks going to give it a try right NOW!.
    Thanks for the tip!
  13. Darn still stuck in same problem! Wait I've made A MISTAKE! THERE ARE NO BEEPS WHATSOEVER! I REPEAT NO BEEPS AT ALL! NOT even when I turn it on...
    could my cpu be killed or mobo fried?..
  14. Try taking out the mobo's power plug for a few minutes. My roommate had an abit which had no beeps he did this and it somehow worked. If this doesn't work you might take out the battery in addition to the mobo's power plug.

  15. no beeps at all? are the fans running if they are i think u got a ram problem. u say u moved the ram to another slot? if u have more than one strip try them one at a time. also make sure your graphics card is seated properly as i had exactly the same symptons u describe on a couple of occasions and its always been either ram or graphics card related. oh one more thing.. i know this is obvious but ... erm.. u have plugged the monitor in havent you? heheh j/k

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  16. Did you try a different proc or try that proc on another MOBO? Maybe the proc is bad? NO, it can't be, it's INTEL, LOL.

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  17. thx for the tip MStakem but I have already tried all of that before and doing it again now but no new results..

    Yes everything is running.. I have 3 slots for PC100 SDRAM. Two are double and one single sided. I filled all three slots. I've also tried using just one. Nothing happens but just a reminder that all three sticks used to be in the same mobo and worked perfectly fine. Pretty sure not the graphics card because if it wasn't seated in properly it makes like 2-3 beeps or something like that.. YES I have my monitor plugged in... When I unplug it from my video card it just says "no video signal" on the screen and when I plug it in it just turns black. I am 100% sure it's not the monitor since I'm using it right at this moment. Thanks again.. going to try the ram again..
  18. Good idea I'm going to try that now.. Only problem is my other old mobo doesn't support PIII 800MHz...
  19. Sorry but as I said I didn't know what I did but it came alive after I moved the ram about. If the motherboard is still under warranty you might as well send it back to the manufacturer. That guys PC didn't beep as well but I was just surprised when you said your's did.

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  20. What you mean as move the RAM about? just putting the ram in a different slot right?... Or do you mean trying to wiggle the ram slots itself?..
    I apologize but my didn't beep at all. I made a mistake on that.. Did NOT beep at all.
    Sadly no the mobo warranty expired last year... but thx for the idea.
  21. I meant putting the ram in different slots. Wiggling ram in their slots with the power on isn't such a good idea. Might cause a short.

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  22. Yeah I thought so. Haha I don't think I would do anything when the power was on... But not working. The RAM I'm trying out used to work perfectly fine with it so don't think it's ram problem..
    However not sure if it would be compatible but I put a Intel Celeron at 233MHz on the mobo and tried turning it on but it leads to the same problem... I'm thinking there could be a problem with the mobo or not if the Celeron isn't compatible...
  23. since how many time this pIII is used ?

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  24. I really have no idea. 2 or 3 years maybe?..
  25. strange...

    did you do something with your rig before it crash ?

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  26. You might need a BIOS update to make the Coppermine CPU work. Worse yet, your board could possibly be a very early revision that doesn't support voltages lower than 1.80v. Anyway, I had similar problems with mine, but I have a Socket 370 on an Abit Slotket III adapter. I ended up setting it at 1.85v, doing the BIOS update, then everything worked fine afterwords.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  27. well the thing is that it used to work perfectly fine and the power was at default or giving enough voltage to start it up. So now I'm left with a cpu and mobo that just leaves a black screen now... Any way of giving it a higher voltage without updating the bios?? since I can't see anything...
  28. I know it's strange.. first time I've ever encountered this problem..

    If you mean registry no, and even if I did it wouldn't have to due with the cpu or mobo...
  29. did you do something <i>special</i> with your pc/system/comp./installation before it crash ?

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  30. Oh, well, if it used to work fine with the 800, it should still. You said it runs the slower CPU, so my guess is you have a bad CPU or bad Power Supply. But then again it could be the RAM not running at the higher bus speed, etc.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  31. oh NO nothing special. I didn't even touch anything but the power button on my computer..

    well the question is how do I have a bad Power Supply if it used to work fine with the 800? It can be the power supply but I'm not sure as it's working fine right now with a PII 233..
    I'm 90% sure it's not the RAM since it worked fine with it before..
  32. lets' see, I overheated some name brand memory and damaged it, now it won't work right at higher speeds. And that happened right after my power supply decided it was old and would no longer provide full power levels.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  33. Oh really? So your power supply can be still working fine but just not giving full power anymore?..
    Maybe that's it..
    THX! This MIGHT be just the problem..
    But were you able to turn off the power when you had that problem? I mean just pressing the power button and it would turn off? because I couldn't turn if off unless I turned the power supply off manually..
  34. That sounds like a power supply problem. Holding the button in for 8 to 10 seconds should shut the power supply off regardless of other conditions.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  35. never tried holding the power button more than 2 seconds buy I'm just going to get a new one anyways.
    Thanks again

    I didn't really expect it would be the power suppply as it still works fine with my PII 233... but as you said that your's is old and is not at full power anymore and mine is really old also and I just guess it doesn't have enough power to run the P3 800MHz but able to run the P2 233 since it doesn't use as much power.

    But would you know like why your PSU doesn't run at it's full power anymore like specifically?.. Like is it a part worn out or burned out?...
  36. Any circuit that is run near its limit for too long will eventually loose some of its matalic structure due to heat induced fracturing, similar to metal fatigue. And the simiconductor elements age even faster.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  37. Ah I see. But there is no evidence of it as it has lost it's full power is there?.
    And aren't PSU suppose to last a really LONG time?
  38. Nope. Since I have lots of parts laying around, I would pull the CPU and test it on another system, then if it turned out OK, try replacing to power supply.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  39. If you have access to a volt meter you can do a "rough" check of the power supply...
    If you check the voltage you should be able to read the 5 and 12 volt lines. Because it is a switching supply, all the voltages are USUALLY affected in the event of a failure.
  40. I see. Ah too much work to go through..
    Well would you know approx. how much power I would need for a P4 (including DVD, CD-RW, floppy drive, 2 7200rpm hardrives, and 5 92mm case fans)
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