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I have an HP dv7 laptop with 1.60 gigahertz Intel Core i7 processor, 8 Gig Ram and 2x 500 Gig hard drives and one optical drive (which I seldom use). Can I pull the optical and replace that slot with an SSD Hard drive as my primary and use the 2x500 as my storage drives. I would of course need an external optical and assume that there must exist a case that I could put my present optical into in order to use that same drive as an external.

Does this make any sense with this system, or is it just throwing money away. I am looking for more sta ility and faster start times. If this can e done, is there an easy way to "move" my system files to the new ssd, or do I need to reformat and reinstall?

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    Yes if you can find a caddy to fit into your OD bay.

    I think this fit?

    You can put your current system image to the new ssd but I strongly recommend a fresh installation.
  2. This looks like it will do the trick. Thanks!!
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