what's a normal temp for an Athlon XP 1800

I'm using a ThermalTake Volcano 6cu hsf, an Athlon XP 1800, and an Asus A7V266 mobo. the cpu temp reads 55-65 degrees celcius (130-160F) and the mobo is at ~30C.... is this normal?
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  1. is that idle or on load?
    also, the thermal sensor is not that accurate...

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  2. The temps are a tad high, the asus motherboards have a tendancy to report higher temps than are there, if your computer is not locking up during load, I would not worry about it at all.

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  3. Actually, it's not the motherboards, it's the software (Asus Probe) a couple friends of mine who had A7V133's downloaded Via Hardware Monitor and the temp readouts were a lot more accurate.

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  4. that's the temp at idle/light load.
  5. i would do what fatburger suggested and download motherboard monitor and see what it says, but if you aren't having stability problems, i wouldn't worry that much.
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  6. you can have the world best CPU cooler if you got nothing to remove the hot air from the case, case fans help loads getting your cpu run cooler.

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  7. My MB is ECS K7S5A, same cpu as yours, when I use volcano 6cu hsf, cpu reads 39 to 42 degree C at idle, but the fan is very noisy, I changed to Master Cooler DP5-xxx, it reads higher around 42 to 45, but quieter, (my case is opened two sides, 'cause I still upgrading). I still don't know which one to keep: lower temp with higher noise, or higher temp with lower noise. Which one do you like?
  8. I have the same MB, with the stock hsf that came with my 1800+ my temps were running in the high 40's. I got a alpha hs, and the temps droped to 40c at idle. Then i got a case from coolerguys, and know my idle temps are 34c, and 37c at full load.

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