Dell Inspiron 6000 will not power up

My Inspiron 6000 will not power up. After doing some research we thought it might be the DC power jack. We had the DC power jack replaced and my computer still will not power up! My computer works if I could charge my battery. What do you think the problem could be? Thank you for your time and your help. harleymsi[at]
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  1. how about the power supply
  2. The power supply cord works fine. I took it to a computer store and they told me it was the power supply to the motherboard or something like that. The guys did not open my computer or really take a look at it, really not very helpful. He did plug up 3 different cords and could not get them to power my computer either. That's when he told me it was the power supply to the motherboard. The guy told me I was better off buying a brand new computer. If there was another way to charge my battery my computer would work fine. It will run off of a charged battery! It just want charge my battery or even read that they power supply cord is plugged in. Any suggestions!
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