video card or tv card?

hi 2 all!

i have an athlon 1700+ machine with 768 mb ddram, enogh harddrive space (7200 ata100), a pinnacle pctv pro tv card and a msi ti4200 vtd.

i'm planing to digitilize my vhs movies. what card should i choose to capture from. both (pinnacle pctv pro and msi ti4200 vtd) are capable to capture.

any comments/suggestions are appreciated!
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  1. I think the pinnacle card is better than the msi on capturing video. After all, Nvidia is not very good at the vivo thing.
  2. ok, thanks.

    i can capture using either, then choose the card which gives me better results. i tried capturing a video and i sometimes (i can't see any reason when or why) get a black and white movie and sometimes a normal color movie. i'm using the svhs input, wtw.

    any ideas whtas going wrong?

  3. Did you check whether you've set the correct TV/color system in the software before you start capturing? For example, if the video source is in NTSC format (N.American TV system), then you should also set your capture setting accordingly, ie. NTSC too.
  4. yup. i've checked all settings. and it does display the colors correctly.. sometimes. i don't want to capture a movie just to see 4 min of black and white in the middle ...
  5. If your software is working fine, then check the connection. Make sure the video cable is securely plugged in. Also you can try other input (if any) instead of svhs to see if the problem is cable-related.
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