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This mainly applies if you live the UK, maybe other countries as well.

My ECS K7S5A that I bought at a computer fair has just died. Now normally you'd take it back where you bought it. Unfortunately as often happens with this board you could have bought it from a computer fair. Well guess what if you don't see the person at the fair again or they go out of business your screwed. Why? Because ECS will only support the person who bought the board from them.

I've just spent half an hour on the phone to a rather rude chap at ECS' UK offices trying to get them to do something about my faulty board and do you know what they are going to do? Nothing.

Apparently because the boards get imported from abroad through sources other then themselves they won't support it because they don't know what happened to it along the way. But no other company does either so why should ECS be the exception?

Anyway if you scream and shout enough you can get them to trace the boards serial number and if the board has come through them they can give you the contact details of the company who purchased it from them. But if that company has gone out of business then I'm very sorry but your stuck with a faulty board.

And after all the time I've just spent on the phone to ECS I can say one thing ECS don't give a toss about you the end user, and not only that but their customer service staff have a lot to be desired. The person I was speaking to suggested to me that the company could have gone out of business, he later swore that I'd said to him they'd gone out of business and when I asked if calls are recorded he said 'you've now got the number you need, goodbye' and put down the phone, now whether I said that or not dosn't matter either they made the board it's their responsibility to fix it (but for the record I didn't). Anyway theres ECS customer support for you.

Oh and not once did anyone actually offer or even suggest anything along the lines of customer support.

BTW sorry if you've seen this post before but I think this is something people need to know about before they buy these boards.

Also if you've owned this board or any other ECS board and it's failed you then please email to me what went wrong with it to along with any other problems you've had with ECS in general.

Your nice new PC might be faster then my 286, but my 286 makes a better door stop :smile:
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  1. I feel for you APOC, but that is why I don't buy from computer fairs. While I'd have to agree that ECS doesn't have very good customer service, they can't afford to with US$50 boards like the K7S5A. I always buy from a reputable dealer that will honor the warranty for me. This is more economical for for me and for ECS - they get all the bad boards back in a regular shipment and ship out replacements in a batch. And, I don't have to send anything - I just drive over to the dealer and they replace it. ECS is primarily an OEM supplier, not an end-user support meca. And for US$37 (what I paid for the last K7S5A I built), you can't ask for much more than is in the box. I'd offer to swap it for you, but with the serial number issue, My dealer would probably not want to take it back. Plus, shipping would cost you more than the price of the board.

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  2. well I think I might just stick it ebay or something, I was planning on upgrading anyway and selling the board besides I'm not going to scream over £50 but I am really dismayed at the way they treat their customers and I don't think they should be allowed to get away with it...

    Your nice new PC might be faster then my 286, but my 286 makes a better door stop :smile:
  3. While I agree that this is no way to treat a customer - you have to understand that most of their customers are huge OEMs (like gateway, dell, HP, etc. - I don't know the specifics here). In the past they haven't generally made their boards "available-to-the-public." Many were available on the OEM "gray" market, but weren't very highly regarded from a performance perspective. Their business model is not based on selling and supporting the end-user.

    The K7S5A introduced an extremely high performance, low cost, all-in-one (minus graphics) mobo. This created a stampede for this board. While it seems you got the short end of the stick on this one, I would rather see this kind of problem than not have the board available at all. I have recommended it and built more systems based on it than I can count. And not 1 of them has been a dud or has had to be replaced.

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  4. Obviously that sucks, but you did buy from a computer fair and you did buy a board that only costs $40. This isn't a huge loss. The board performs great so I'm willing to give up on the customer service part. Have you ever tried dealing with Asus? They don't have any customer service whatsoever. You can't reach anyone on a phone. I wouldn't make this out to more than it is considering that you can go out and buy another board and still be far ahead of the OEM's. It's the risk you take when you build your own system and especially if you buy from a computer fair.

    If you buy from a reseller, you can do it online, but check first with

    Don't lose any sleep over this. I for one think the motherboard is awesome. Are you sure it's dead? Why would you sell a dead motherboard on e-bay?

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  5. I was going to advertise it as a dud, it will probably go for a song but someone might be able to do something with it, use as a door stop maybe....dunno. Maybe there's someone out there with a soldering iron and the skills to recycle it, you never know...

    But the board is definately dead, one minute it works fine, then it has trouble picking up hard disks etc, and then it keeps detecting my xp1700 as either a 733mhz or a 1100 no matter what I do in the bios and finally nothing it won't boot no matter what psu i hook it to. And I hadn't changed anything to cause any of that to happen it just started happening, and all in the space of a day...

    I think I might get the new epox board with the KT333 and raid for my next one, slap a bit of corsair xms 2700 on there as well and see where we go...

    Your nice new PC might be faster then my 286, but my 286 makes a better door stop :smile:
  6. That sounds good too. Good luck!

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