Acer Aspire AS7745G-6572 core i7 720qm overheating?

So i just recently bought a Acer 7745g-6572 laptop, basic specs of this laptop are
8gb ddr3 ram
500gb 5400rpm hd
ati mobility radeon 5650 1gb
core i7 720qm (1.6ghz) turbo boost to 2.8ghz.
The main problem im having is that its over heating (i think) the laptop gets pretty hot its self and cpu temp gets to about 100c. I was playing mafia 2 for about 15 minutes and then i checked my core temp and it said the cores were at 100 c 98c 99c 100c (max). Anyway heres a pic and tell me what you think...if the cpu temp got to 100c or if it was close to over heating (at a dangerous level) wouldnt the laptop shut its self off? My idle temp is anywhere around 55-70c...could it be possible the temps are off?
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    I have a brand new Acer, lower specs and same problem. Been through Acer customer service and got a lot of help here on Tom's Hardware. Here is what I ended up doing:

    You can try it out and find a level where you are satisfied with temperatures and gaming performance.

    And about Acer and other budget brands and the new cores, I also think WR2 might be right. That the Intel processors are really high quality and can stand a lot of heat, and budget brands save production costs by installing cheap fans and relying on the durability of the processor. I read a lot of reviews with the i5 2410 I have and they measured up to 96 degrees core temperature on Packard Bells, Dells and other producers in Acer's price range. So I think there is no malfunction, this is just the way it is, and you have to sort of go by a gut feeling of what you feel comfortable with. I can tell you the tjmax on your i7 is most likely between 100-105 degrees - that is when it will start to throttle down to save itself from physical damage.

    EDIT: Also have you noticed if it is only your CPU's or does your GPU get equally hot? And is the screenshot taken when it has been idling for a while? The "current temperature" in the screenshot is 69 degrees - thats a lot more than mine is when idling, and mine is supposedly hot too when idling.
  2. I took the screen shot a few minutes after i finished playing the game, so it was still in the process of cooling down. regular idle temp is around 50-60c.
  3. Mine is around 50 degrees too. But if you feel uncomfortable with the CPU heat, you can do as I suggested and "underclock". You wont lose a lot of performance when gaming since your graphics card is pretty good - by underclocking I lost on average 4-5 frames when gaming, while it got 15-20 degrees cooler.

    Or you can just keep going the way it is now, if you dont see slowdowns or crashes due to the heat. The CPU's are built for 100-105 degrees heat so they should be able to take it, although I am sure they will wear down faster with sustained use at 100 degrees.
  4. The term "performance laptop" is a complete oxymoron unless you don't mind scalding your lap. I always chuckle when people ask for advice on replacing their gaming desktop with an equivilent laptop. If such a thing were possible there would already be no desktops left. Good luck playing games on your lap.
  5. I don't know if you know this, but some put their laptop on the desk at use it from there when at home... It runs tonnes of games just fine.
  6. So i managed to fix my problem, i took out my cpu and noticed some white thermal compound (looked like gum) barley on the cpu and then all over the cpu its self. After i cleaned it and put on some arctic sliver 5 on it my idle temp went from 70c to 45c. I applyed a thick coat of arctic silver 5 on the cpu because i tried following the directions from arctic silver but that made no difference. Anyway some pictures.
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