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Ok, I am having on on and off going problem with several USB mouses on my laptop, tried 4 different ones over the past which work and stop working, I am trying 2 now that work on my desktop but not on my laptop. Searched all over for help and tried everything I found with no luck. I usually get it working again with restart or unisntalling root hubs, but this time I cant get it to work at all. USB ports are working when I plug in memory stick and devices.

some wierd symptoms I notice... one mouse will show the red activity light when plugged in but not work., another one doesnt... one will not even make a sound of a plugged in USB device, the other one goes back and forth with a connect disconnect sound, or just gives a fail to recognize usb device

I have a Toshiba Satellite P305=S8904 laptop, windows 7 ultimate 64.

Here is a list of what I have tried and no luck:

-Booting in safe mode
-uninstalling usb root hubs in device manager and restarting (this worked in the past but not this time)
-removing battery and cord and holding down power button for 30 seconds
-plugging in to all 3 usb ports available with nothing else plugged into usb
-installing latest chipset drivers
-installing mouse driver
-disable and enable USB legacy in BIOS
-uninstalling/updating mouse in device manager ... there are no ?'s or ! in device manager
-Asking laptop politely "please let this mouse function"

I really have no clue what else to try and really hate using a touch pad, any help would be great, thanks.
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  1. If this is only one mouse :
    1 open it up and check that everything is working
    2 test it on another computer

    If its the usb port
    1 check that the wire is properly connected to the motherboard
  2. no, it's any mouse I try.
  3. Everything else I tried on all the USB ports works fine, I have seen a few threads on this here, but so far nothing I tried seems to help. Suggestions anyone?
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