LTC3719 Powers the AMD Hammer

Looks like AMD have got Linear Technologies to provide them with a chip that will power the AMD's Hammer Processors. You can find the offical press release from Linear Tech <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>

I guess this answers Anandtechs question of why the Hammer doesn't have any capacitors on the underside of the CPU to aid in power delivery....

<A HREF="" target="_new">Anandtech</A>: <font color=blue>"Next you'll note that there are no capacitors on the bottom of the CPU package to aid in power delivery to the core; again there's not much information as to why this isn't necessary but it's interesting to note nonetheless."</font color=blue>

Linear Tech Press Release:<font color=blue>"....PolyPhase operation minimizes the requirement for input and output capacitors."</font color=blue>

So err does this mean that the Hammer core voltage will be 1.55 volts ?...

<font color=blue>The LTC3719's 5-bit VID code corresponds to the core voltage range of AMD's Hammer CPUs. Core voltage range is from 0.8V to 1.55V and core current can range from 15A to 40A.</font color=blue>

The chip apprarently will reduce thermal output and minimise the need the for heatsinks...

<font color=blue>The LTC3719 includes protection functions such as current foldback, short-circuit shutdown and an overvoltage soft latch.</font color=blue> err does this mean the Hammer will have thermal protection to stop it frying ?

<font color=purple>Ladies and Gentlemen, its...Hammer Time !</font color=purple>
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  1. what the heck is a MOSFET?

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  2. <blockquote><font size=1>Svar på:</font><hr><p>Ladies and Gentlemen, its...Hammer Time ! <p><hr></blockquote><p>A bit prematurely ... but then again, mid March AMD said "Thoroughbred Time. Relative to that statement, I guess it's fair enough to say "its...Hammer Time !"


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  3. MOSFET = <b>M</b>etal <b>O</b>xide <b>S</b>ilicon <b>F</b>ield <b>E</b>ffect <b>T</b>ransisitor.

    Therefore MOSFET is a specfic type of transisitor. MOSFET's are widely used in audio, video and computer equipment. MOSFETS make it possible for small electric charges to control large electric currents. Without getting technical thats bascially it, if you want to know more and the exact design of a MOSFET check out the link below.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">More about MOSFET's...</A>

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  4. I seems, if that statement is correct, that the hammer could be anywhere from .8 upto 1.55 volts. They may start at one voltage and up it later for more speed!

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  5. nah. more likely start at 1.55 then go down with progressive dieshrinks and design optimisations.

    i like that it will only use 40A max though. very nice.

    and am really curious about the thermal design... they say it will stop u needing huge heatsinsks and fans.... but what about running the CPU flat chat??? who the furg does that work???

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  6. 1.55 volts sounds pretty good to doubt thanks to SOI.

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