[Solved] DVD drive will not recognize blank DVD-R

I was looking for a driver that will read the disks so i can format them
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  1. you don't format a dvd-r, you burn data to it.
  2. You solved this already or are you still wondering?

    If you are still wondering, you need to let us know what model drive you have first if Window's is not able to use default drivers.
  3. tried to it wont start, it just opens the burner draw
  4. it has the disk as 0 space and its new, auto play will not open, the driver says it is the right one, if i try to send data it opens the drawer and says there is no disk in the drive
  5. its a dvd r/rw compact disc rewriteable
  6. This can be caused by unplugging a USB flash drive without safely "ejecting" it first. Apparently if you don't follow proper procedures before removing a USB flash drive it can cause conflicts with DVD burner functionality. Try inserting a flash drive and then "eject" it when it says it is safe to do so and the issue may correct itself. Hope this helps.
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