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Hey guys, i noticed that on my taskbar the last half isnt aero and i can see directly through like there wasnt even a taskbar there. Again its only half of it. Also ever since a couple of days ago there has also been a small box that is light blue with a gray border that pops up on my desktop and if i double click it it just goes away and my cpu usage is always above 70 % even if nothing is running. I checked will a full scan of avg and looked in the task manager for a weird program but nothing unusual. Any thoughts?
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  1. Format your PC. It should not bet running <70%. Theres something hiding thatr avg isnt finding
  2. I would but i did that not too long ago and it should be perfectly fine.. i keep this computer well protected
  3. everything below is free and well known to work. If none of these find anything a clean wipe will be needed.

    emisoft for trojan detection:
    Kaspersky TDSSKiller for root kits:
    online bitdefender scanner:

    in the future run questionable things in sandboxie:

    if you only run windows firewall add some HIPS protection:

    general cleanup ccleaner:
    registry cleaner:
    this will list everything that starts up on your computer:
    Process Viewer for Windows -- SystemExplorer:

    this should be everything you need to fix about any problem
  4. Did you look to see what process is keeping your usage high?

    That might be a far simpler thing to do before running a bunch of anti-virus scanners.
  5. i used ccleaner and now im running around 6% pc usage but the taskbar thign is still there, but if i restart it might migth go away fro good
  6. it may be simpler but I would never recommend that you take the chance of leaving a virus on your computer. thats like your car making a knocking noise but then it goes away so you just forget about it. then your engine blows. anyway I would not leave your personal information open to a potential virus, rootkit, trojan. the last 2 links I provided will help you see what is going on on your computer but I would run those scans. I use AVG but they recently received an only average detection from . if your running a modern computer running these scans should go pretty quickly.
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