Application Error 0xc0000005 Help please!!

I was playing a game yesterday and suddenly got a blue screen. So I restarted my computer and when i used the startup repair tool i got a blue screen: STOP c0000145 {Application Error} The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005), click ok to close the application. Now i cannot get past the windows loading screen in any way possible, safe mode or anything. And when I tried putting in the windows dick to reinstall everything i still cant get past the "windows loading" screen. Does anything know what I can do or whats causing this??
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  1. > putting in the windows dick...

    Sounds like it is well and truly f**ked :-)

    But more seriously. Try memtest86 first.

    If that is OK, then try pulling out some hardware, e.g. pull the video card and use the onboard card instead, remove extra hard drives, network cards, etc..

    If that doesn't work start swapping out the hardware. e.g. new hard drive.
  2. Disc* ma bad. I ran that and got 3 passes with 0 errors, I wasn't sure how long to run it for. I tried installing windows via my external hard drive with both of my internal ones disconnected and same issue. I was gonna try the graphics card next.
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