SSD for OS and HDD for other

Hey Guys,

This topic has been the topic of choice across the interwebz lately but I think I've figured out a solution for what most of us want, but need your opinion to make sure it's concrete.

I have an ssd for the os and an hdd for everything else.

I want to put all my media on the HDD and thought I should apply some crazy voodoo and registry edits to move the users folder over to the HDD. I then read there are some complications that may arise down the road so I decided to do this:

delete 'my docs' 'my pics' 'Downloads' 'my vids' 'my music' and create them on the HDD. Then I linked said folders from the windows explorer Libraries & Favourites, to the HDD. Done. Seems almost too simple.

Is that a good way of achieving what I want? No weird things or situations that I have overlooked?

If it's all good then why would anyone want to move the entire users folder to HDD????

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  1. hmmm I just thought of something. Won't programs like office, video converting software, my printer software etc... look for a default location to put the finished product into? ....This would mean that I have to edit every default location of every program I am going to install.

    I have just done a fresh install of windows 7 so I guess I just have to do it as I go. Let me know if my plan is still flawed or not.
  2. That way does work, but in the future if you create users etc you will have to repeat those steps. This one tells you which registry entry to edit to fix that.

    The way I did it was by following these directions

    As far as the default install locations I still have to edit the default path on some applications but a good amount will choose the hdd for install on their own.
  3. Thanks for posting those links. I am the only user on this pc so the simple way works for me (from what you've said).

    I guess you have multiple users to have to move the whole C:\users folder over.

    I still install all my applications on the SSD so things are still really quick. The only thing the HDD is for in my case is data. I even called the drive "Data" cause that's all I'm doing with it. The SSD is 120GB so I should be ok with programs on there unless I get into Adobe suites etc...

    Thanks again for the links!
  4. Man, I admire your grit and I hope it works for you. I gave up along time ago trying to customize my computer to put my files where I wanted. Somebody at Microsoft decided that all files should be in my documents my music, etc, etc. In my experience even though you put your files on the HDD or some other disk or partition, I'd wager you that you better check FREQUENTLY to see whats in the user folder on your c: drive. LOTS of your files are going to end up over there by microsoft's decree.
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