I just bought this processor, new motherboard and i have it in a Antex SOHO server case with a 300 watt power supply, I have an AGP brand new video card and a old working pci video card, when i power on the system i get basicly the same exsact thing as no signal, exsept for a split second its yellow, do you think this is do to my powersupply not being big enough? what should i try doing, the motherboard cost me $69.95 and i spent $20 for shipping, its going to cost me that to ship it back, and at that point it been cheaper to buy it locally... i really dont want to ship the motherboard back and find out it wasnt that... because i'll again have to pay another $20 for a new one to be shipped back or just wait for the money to be credited to my accouint and i needed this system running 3 days ago... PLEASE HELP! thanks in advanced
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  1. a couple of points...

    1. people are less likely to help if you post multiple times in a row. one is sufficient. if we dont answer it means we are busy or dont know :smile:

    2. some more info about your system would be appreciated. stuff like:
    2a. actual brand of PSU (also antec or not?)
    2b. brand and types of video cards (and can we assume that you tried both?)
    2c. brand & type of motherboard?
    2d. any warning beeps?


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  2. thjwe double post was not intended, and i deleted the first one right after it happened.

    2a. Yes its the same brand, antec
    2b. the pci video card is a S3 ViRGE/DX the AGP is a Arcade FX TNT 2 with 32MB and they both work in other systems.

    2c. biostar M7VIB-A004 Ver 2.4
    2d. no beeps.

    email is on its way... not :) I already spent way more money then i planned to, i do not need this video card, i like my 45 one just fine (its going to be used for a database server with out a monitor)
  3. no beeps... at all?
    hmm, 1st:
    have you tried with only one card in (the MB) at a time?
    did you try both cards (ie plug in the monitor to each one, check result)

    however with no beeps, there is most likely something wrong with the mobo, ram, (try moving them around, and if you have multiple try one at a time), or something, check all the connections... do the fans in the psu run? (and any case fans?)

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  4. Yes i tried with one video card in at a time, there is no sound, processor gets hot, ethernet card lights come on, all the fans power on, hard drive comes one... but if i recall correctly the speaker in the case has never worked (yes its connected) if the ram was bad, wouldnt it still get to cmos? i mean i get nothing but a yellow flash...
  5. hmmmmm
    its hard to say if its the motherboard or the PSU missbehaving.
    your safest bet is to go to the local computer shop and beg them to test either or both components out.

    one thing you can try is to reassemble the mobo, with the aim of removing any possible short circuits that may exist.

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  6. psu is fine, it powers my athlon 500 with out any problems. so 300watts is enought to do this? someone tried telling me i needed a 500 but try to get a 600. i was like theres no way that needs that much power?!
  7. unless its a dud then your PSU should be sufficient for at least a bootup.

    in my experience its not the Wattage thats important its the Current that can be supplied to each voltage 'rail'
    i.e. a 30W enermax PSU can crap all over a 350W generic.

    so what precisely happens when u power on?
    u get lights, drives start to move, the monitor flickers... then what?
    does the monitor just stay dark, or does the whole system powerdown immediately? and what sorta timescale are we looking at 10 seconds or 1?

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  8. theres a checkered pattern flashing on my screen when the computers off, when i hit the power button everything poweres up monitor flashes yellow checkers for a split second and goes back to the black and white ones, and the system stays on i have the antec Model Number PP-303X 300W
  9. hmmm
    the fact that it can power on and stay on seems to suggest to me that the PSU is NOT the problem, rather something is up with your mobo.

    weather its something simple like a short somewhere or something more critical like a dud mobo who can say.

    get the mobo checked out, thats your best bet.
    cant comment on the reliability or otherwise of biostar as i dont know of anyone who has had one.

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  10. Try powering it up out of the case on an insulated surface, this will eliminate shorts as a potential problem.

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