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i need the drivers or the software for a sony handycam DCR-DVD108.....I Record a birthday movie in it, but i can't download it to my windows 7 64 bit computer or to my windows xp 32 bit computer, i have download some programs fron the website of sony to my windows xp, but still the computer do not conect to my handycam, the xp detect the outside deviced but that is as far as it goes....after i check the drivers it said that the drivers are up to date, but for some reason, the cam do not transfer any data, in the monitor of the handycam it said conecting but nothing happen in the cam or the computer..any ideas....i will apreciated, for any of the 2 computers,,7 or xp...Thanks
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  1. Thanks for the input, i did download some programas from the site, but they did not work with either of the 3 diferents computers that i have wich also they have diferents Windows 7, xp or vista, however i alread manage to copy the movies, i just finalized the disk, and the insert the cd on my windows xp computer, i copy them to my hard drive ad then put them back to a regular dvd cd, and that work for me..Thanks for you help, i really apreciated that...

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