Please help me pick a notebook in Canada!!

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  1. Hello mentos;

    That first choice is a used laptop.
    That idea to upgrade the HDD to a SSD? How much will that cost?

    You'll probably be much better off adding the cost of the SSD upgrade to the $350 budget and getting a laptop for that amount.
  2. well, the ssd is about 100$ with a rebate so i've already factored in that price to my overall budget which leaves me with the listed choices. what about cpu power, which one would be the best?
  3. Sorry, but a $100 SSD in a $350 'Netbook isn't anything I'm interested in recommending.
  4. any one else care to respond?
  5. 1080p flawlessly? sorry, you are aware that you need 1920x1080 for 1080p?
  6. i plan to use the hdmi output for 1080p. thx
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