HP DV6000 won't pass BIOS with HDD in... PLEASE HELP!

I have an HP DV6000 that I was working on for a friend. The sound was not working so I replaced the faulty ribbon cable, before I put the laptop back together I did a quick boot up test and all worked flawlessly. After putting the laptop back together and screwing everything in, the laptop doesn't get past the HP INVENT bios. Its frozen, and pressing f10 to enter bios does nothing.

I've found that if I remove the Hard Drive I can get past the HP INVENT screen and I can also boot from a CD (with the HDD removed) but everytime I plug the HDD in, it freezes.

Is this a motherboard problem? Did I damage something putting it back together? Thanks for any and all help! Im tempted to order another motherboard but I dont want to dish out $60 if its not going to fix the problem. :sweat:
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