Dual 1GHZ or single 2GHZ

Which system would offer higher performance:
let say thay both system based on the same options, the CPUs from the same generation, Dual 1 GHZ or single 2 Ghz?

Thanks a lot in advance
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  1. A P4 2GHz will outperform a dual 1GHz Duron 99.99% of the time, and don't let any AMDmongrel tell you otherwise!!!

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  2. Single 2GHz would always either outperform or perform the same when running one program, but if you're running more than one CPU intensive program, the results would be much harder to determine. What would you be using it for?

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  3. That's an easy question. 2Ghz will always beat dual 1Ghz. First of all just because you have dual 1Ghz machine doesn't mean it's going to have twice as much preformance. For most of the application the second processor will just sit there idle. Also for dual CPU Platform you have to have NT base OS. 9x can't take advantage of dual platform.


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  4. That is not entirely true... as Fatburger said, it depends on what he is planning on running, though mostly the 2GHz would beat it...

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  5. Yep, 2GHZ will win in almost every situation! Even in optimised apps there is still overhead....

    The biggest reason for dual CPU setups is that 2x2GHZ will many times be faster then 1x2GHZ (but not always) and there is no such thing as a 4GHZ =)

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  6. As a general rule, if you have to ask - you don't need a dual system.

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  7. A dual 1ghz will always lose to a single 2 ghz IF THEY ARE BOTH THE SAME CORE, when you compare chips from different cores, it becomes difficult.

    a 2ghz p4 may not be faster than 2x athlon 1ghz's.

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  8. I think you can safly replace the "may not be fa..." with "Will not".

    though the 2Ghz Pentium 4 will outpreform the dual Durno Significntly on almost any task and will prolly beat it on most "optimized" (multi threaded) tasks as the benfits of SMP on Microsoft (TM) windows XP/NT (R) bassed machine should not undo the around ~70% diffrence there is between these 2 CPUs on single CPU compration.

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  9. It may, an athlon 1ghz is as fast as a 1.5ghz p4, if you gain 60% from being dual, the end result would not be so clear.

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  10. Show me one Intel Dual P4 CPU motherboard out in the market that we can buy?

    At least i haven't seen any dual intel P4 motherboards.

    just making a point i don't think you can buy a dual pentium 4 system :p

    maybe a dual xeon system but the price for that is pretty unreachable. Even i haven't seen any dual xeon boards either for sale. at least at newegg anyway.


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  11. lol, I was trying to say rubbish and sound like AMDMeltdown. I guess you didn't catch that. :frown:

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  12. There were rumors of Asus producing a dual P4 board about 3 weeks ago, but Intel and Asus were quick to refute that.

    Otherwise, it's just Xeon.

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  13. There is not many apps that will use the dual setup so the second cpu will idle most of the time. Unless you use apps a lot which can benefit having dual setup.

    I would get a single cpu setup and use the saved money on 1. an even faster CPU, 2. more ram if needed, 3. something I still don't have but want. But if you're not lucky and the saving isn't that much then just take your girl out for a small dinner (an unexpected dinner can up your chances that night for a nookie :lol: ).

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