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Is there an answer to accomplish putting Win 7 on a raid 0 array? I have asked several places and have found no answers. It seems as long as this technology has been available, it would not be difficult to accomplish, or if needed, to find answers.
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  1. Depending on your motherboard manufacturer, you will need to put a raid driver on a FDD or USB pendrive and when W7 displays the hdd screen, hit advanced or load driver for it to be recognised.

    I am of course assuming you have already created the RAID-0 through the appropriate motherboard setup.
  2. Last week I asked the question about resolving Win 7 and RAID 0. The answers I recieved were dealing with the final instalation of Win 7. That part was not difficult at all, it was the BIOS settings that created the difficulty. The answers, yes answers to that part deal with the mother board makers and every brand and model has potential to be different. In my case, I have an ASUS M4A785-M. A friend finaly helped me figure it out.
    My original statement about the ease of accomplishing this feat still stands. There seems to not be enough information in the manuals to accomplish this with out further help.

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