Athlon 1800+ idles at 70C ?!?!

I've got an Athlon 1800+ on an Asus A7V266 (rev1006) with a Vulcano 6cu and a case fan, and the damn thing idles at 70C!!!

i was told not to worry unless it gets to 90C, but it seems to like 70 at idle is rediculously high.

should i be worries bout this?
(the info is coming from Asus Probe 2, which i'v heard sucks, but i don't know of any other software that would do the same thing)

please advise.
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  1. Are you using thermal paste? Not too much?

    Any case fans for airflow?

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  2. That seems WAY too hot for idle! What is the case temp reported? What is the ambient temperature in the room?

    What temp does the BIOS report? That is usually more accurate than most SW. Personally, I've found Motherboard Monitor to be the best and most accurate software to use, it reports the same temps as my BIOS.

    Let's see, the usual to check:

    Heatsink on correctly? HS fan working?
    Using thermal paste? Thin layer, not too much?
    Good airflow through your case? Are cables blocking airflow, etc?
    Using at least one fan to blow air out the back of your case? One front and back is even better.

    PSU fan working?

    If you're not locking-up, you're probably OK, but still...

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  3. I agree with both of you. look at your heatsink and if you had the system for some time you might want to look into dust. Slows down the cpu and clog up the heatsink
  4. this is true, i could not believe how much dust i had in my alpha heatsink, when i blew it out my temps fell.

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  5. it could be

    1. you have too much thermal paste between HSF and CPU or are using a phase change thermal pad.

    2. very dust HSF

    3. temp probe and/or software reporting temps incorrectly.

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  6. or, he could be using thermal paste, and thermal pad....and dusty heatsink, and no airflow...
    70°C is HIGH for IDLE!
    i have the same heatsink, and idle at 38°C!!!!
    that is like 30°C diff, and mine maxes at 54°C when i havent cleaned the case in a month, and i am rendering something in photoshop...or running cpucurn, or playing black and white, or defragging, or benchmarking...heh...70°C....i have never seen that high...


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  7. Asus probe sucks ass, download mother board monitor 5 for more accurate temp readings.

    That having been said, if the cpu is not locking up, then pay it no mind. 70C is so high you should be locking up all the time, and since your not(or maybe you are but if your not) then that tells me the temp is not accurate, so if you dont lock up, close asus probe, and go about your buisness.

    I know its hard, but trust me, no lockup means no problem, regardless of the temprature.

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  8. What is your case temperature? What is your room temperature? Typically your CPU will idle at 10 to 20 degreees above case temperature which will be 5 to 15 degrees above your room temperature. For example, a 20 degree room temperature would typically yield a 30 degree case temperature which in turn might give a 45 degree CPU idle temperature.

    If we know all three of your temperatures it will make it easier to diagnose where you are getting excessive heat.

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  9. my room's temp it usually between 18C and 23C

    i know it's not dust, all the parts are less then 2 weeks old, and i'v already taken it to the store where i got all the parts and they couldn't tell me why its running so hot.
  10. Quote:
    my room's temp it usually between 18C and 23C

    What's your case or motherboard temperature? Do your case and CPU temperatures drop if you leave the case open? How much? I'm trying to determine if you need better case cooling.

    Have you tried remounting the HSF. Occasionally they get propped up on the "ledge" of the socket (where the ZIF lever is). It could also happen if the HSF was on backwards. This would keep the heatsink from making proper contact with the die.

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  11. my motherboard temp is ~30C an neither the mobo nor cpu temps drop by more than 2C when i leave the case open. as for the proper mounting of the hsf, i'v tried remounting it several times and reapplying the paste aswell.

    furthermore at bootup my floppy drive is "missing" even though i just got a new one that's been tested. for some reason every other time i boot the bios reports it missing. and once everything finally loads it's a bit unstable, so i'm wondering if it's cause of the temps (but things get messed up even when the temp is round 50C on it's way up) or cause my mobo doesn't officially support XPs (Asus A7V266 rev 1003).
  12. I was hoping case cooling would be the answer but 30 degrees is pretty normal.

    From everything you have said you should be getting CPU temps around the high 40's. I had a Volcano 5 heatsink with a Delta fan and was getting 42 to 48. I have a Tbird 1.0 overclocked to 1.5ghz which normally would be hotter than your XP 1800. I have a lower room temperature (about 17 degrees) and case temperature (about 27 degrees). Considering these differences and that you have a Volcano 6Cu not the 6Cu+ w/ Delta that's why I said high 40's. I have no explanation why you would see 70 degrees.

    Sorry, I couldn't be of any help.

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  13. thanks for the effort... looks like it's a mistery to everyone i know...
  14. either your mobo heat sensor is insane (it does happen, heard some peops on this forum saying it can be as inaccurate as 30 degrees, farenheit or celcius I dunno))or there is something funny about your HSF... (did it come all assembled or did you build & install it yourself, eg the fan could B upside-down (had an ALpha HSF & temps were about 5-10 degrees diff depending on the fan orientation)

    have fun with UR puzzle but something has to B up...

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