Just got Warcraft 3, best game series ever!!!!!

Picked up the retail Warcraft 3 from Best Buy today (release day), and must say best game ever!

Best game series ever also, I have been a large Warcraft fan since Blizzard released Warcraft 1 and I saw a preview in Pc Gamer back in the day. I bought Warcraft 1 on release day, Warcraft 2 on release day and now 3..

I will post more as I get time to test the game.

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  1. It looks promising, played a little earlier today...

    One thing that blew me away was the stunning intro animations...weeee!
    Wish I was that talented.
    Don´t know what software they used for the intro, but my guess is Maya or maybe Softimage, it looks like a Maya animation anyway.

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  2. i never played war 1 or 2 but i used to play starcraft (they need a sequel to that!) and the items you can equip and the neutral enemies add something new to it. i cant get on bnet right now because the comp running it isnt connected. but next week lets play a few matches!
  3. Hehehe, I tried playing it on my PC...with almost all the options turned down it barely runs...choppy as hell.

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    Your using WHAT??? (quote from friend when I told him my PC specs)
  4. sure my battlenet name is rampage82

    Athlon XP 1700+,KT266A,Geforce3, Audigy.. 'nuff said.
  5. Yes, it is an excellent game, I picked it up 2 hours after I woke up on release day and have only stopped playing it because I had to go to work the next day. The only thing I wish they did more of is the animations. The in game cut scenes were a good idea but, to me I think they didn't want to put the effort into it. So dar I have played through the orc tutorial, the human, the undead, and half of the orc campaign and have seen the intro and 3 (possibly 4) animation movies. When I started I figured an intro, one at the start of each campaign and one at the end at each. They should have waited until their next game possibly to put in the ingame cut scenes, there is hardly any movement and most of the time the characters just sit there and say whatever they say with no difference in motion from emotion.

    However, it is still an excellent game and series.

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  6. I'm not sure what happened but i was playing a 12 player melee vs comps by myself..forgot the name of the map but its one of last ones at the end of the list of maps. anyways i picked random > gave me the orcs and after a few mins into the game major slowdown occured as i could barely move the mouse for a few mins.

    i have a P4 1.6a + ti4600 + 1gb of pc800. all the details were on high. i'll try to dl the patch and see what happens but such a lag without even playing online is just a small disappointment i've found so far with the game.
  7. How is the single player campain? I had one person tell me that it sucked and was only worth buying if you are going to play on battlenet. I am not sure if I believe him though. Please tell me what you guys think of the Single player campain so far.

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  8. Apparently it must suck.

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  9. i played warcraft 1 and warcraft 2, but after they took away much or the roleplaying part, i got turned off, this makes me want to take another look at it.

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  10. I find the single player phenomenal.. but I'm into the story as much as the gameplay being a longtime fan of the series.

    I'd suggest this game to anyone for single player and the multi.

    Athlon XP 1700+,KT266A,Geforce3, Audigy.. 'nuff said.
  11. The single player is the only reason to own the game. With the unit limit at 90 and the upkeep system, most mulitplayer games suck ass as dont get time to build up decent forces to make a game last longer than half an hour. I suppose this is fine if you only play on bnet, but im a big lan gamer, and after playing Starcraft I thoroughly enjoy those hour + games where you build up to 200 worth of units and just kick some ass. I guess if you like quick skirmishes, then WC3 is your game. Regardless, I have to restate that the single player is amazing.

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  12. yeah... the campaign is awesome. im VERY close to the end and im defianly going to play through it again.
  13. To all, Starcraft II, IS in WCIII. The SC 2 3D engine is there, the units are there as well. Go look on Bnet for Stacraft games for WCIII, as well as the fact that when you finish WCIII there is supposedly a teaser video showing SCII in dev. I was surprised the SC units are in WCIII in 3D, totally nice!

    Yeah I'd give the game a solid 9.5/10 for balance, fun, replayability and for the special Blizzard substance that makes it addictive.

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