which modem is better??

I want to buy a new internal modem, a friend of mine suggest me two brands... compaq internal modem 56k and netcomm internal modem 56k....any one which one is better??

thanx for the help

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  1. Clicked on your post thiking of reading the replies since i have similar ?. u had no replies :-) I will make a similar post, let's get answers here, right?

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  2. Do you need a PCI modem or an ISA modem? Whichever you decide upon, get a hardware-based modem. Brands really don't make a lot of difference. As long as you stick with a hardware-based modem, you'll be happier in the long run than you would with a winmodem.

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  3. Are all hardware modems isa by nature of the config or are there pci harware modems?

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  4. Uhm ISA is a thing of the past unless you have an old pc. All modems being made today are PCI unless there's someone out there still hanging on to some ISA ones.

  5. Have a look at <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/guides/viewfaq.html?i=41" target="_new">this</A>.

    Basicly all external and isa modems are hw modem. Most pci modems are software based (winmodem), but some are hw. Winmodems only work on window base machines, so probably no other os.

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  6. Thanks for the link, orbz, that does make the decision easier.

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  7. It's pretty funny.. US Robotics calls their hardware pci modems "High Performance" modems now. Also, they still make isa modems, but they are more expensive than the pci hardware modems.
  8. Perhaps because the mass production fabs are into the pci type and the isa are limited production components. Just a thought there, maybe that's just BS.

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  9. ISA modems are still very common and quite useful; especially in Linux boxes. As to the issue of it being old, that is true, but is not a thing of the past. I've seen some Athlon boards out there with an ISA slot. Presumably, they put it there just for that purpose.

    PCI hardware is the best way to go with a new computer though. We'll start seeing a lot less mobo manufacturers making boards with ISA slots. Plus I think most hardware PCI modems support Linux as well.

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