Can an Acer Aspire 5740 with an i5 upgrade to an i7 processer

I Have an ACER Aspire 5740 with an i5 processor. Can I upgrade to an i7 processor ?
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  1. i dont think you can upgrade a cpu laptop
  2. idk though. If you can open the laptop and buy the socket-intended processor which i would say not really easy and the prices is not really worth upgrading unless you're really desperate to upgrade
  3. You can upgrade the cpu on your laptop as long as the processor you are upgrading is the same socket type. Honestly, if you are not super tech savvy and are used to disassembling laptops and you are not willing to spend the same amount of money that you spent on your laptop for one processor, then I would advise you not take this route. Upgrading a laptop cpu is much more time consuming than doing it in a desktop. If you can find i7s like i7-740m for a reasonable price (they retail over $300) or if you can find them at all. Better to just go buy another laptop if you really want an i7.
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