How to burn a copy of DVD?

What driver do I need to download to be able to burn a copy of a DVD movie? I have a HPdv7-3165dx operating on Windows 7.
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  1. If an ISO, then imgburn will do it, I hope this isn't an illegal movie download, we'll have to come round and spank your bottom, for being so naughty and deprive the people over at the MPAA of their jobs.
  2. :lol: He asked what driver, not what software. You've confused him. More.
  3. Alfngonz,

    It's not so much that you need a driver to burn DVDs -- you usually need the required software and codecs. These applications and tools are not included within Windows 7 but can be purchased through 3rd party companies.

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  4. op wants to copy dvd's.
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