AMD Athalon 1800.

I am looking at my system info in WinXP and I see somthing troubling.

I installed a new Athalon 1800+ (retail box) and it is only running at 1.339 mhz. I thought they where rated at 1.57?

I unsure what to do in order to resolve this.

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  1. They're rated at 1533MHz.

    Double check the FSB speed in your BIOS. It should either read 133 or 266 depending on how the BIOS chooses to display it.

    If it's at 133, then I'd have another look at the CPU to see if you can see what it says. 1333MHz is the running speed for an XP1500+.

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  2. My Asus mobo is reading the speed at 133/33.

    Also let me make a clarification: it is a Athalon <b>MP</b> 1800+. I made a mistake while ordering, and I was told that it would work just the same.

    I am sure it came in retail box, hell I had to cut the damn thing open, and I still have all the paper work.


    *edit* Looking at the box now and it even reads: '<i>AMD Athalon MP Quantispeed Architexture Operates at 1533mhz. Assembled in Malaysia.</i>'
  3. When you first boot the computer, the asus bios program will ask you the frequency of the cpu assuming it is set on auto. It will give you two choices, which I believe are 1.333 and 1.533. If you dont set it, it will default to the lower frequencey. Go into to your bios and choose 1.533 and u should be all set. Hope this helps.
  4. If what jedge told you to do don't work... then I have a question. Do you have a lan card in your system? I had a Lan card in my system that changed my speed down to what it could handle. I think it was at 1050 or something and then RAM to 133 when its supposed to run at 266. Don't ask me how or why it did that but just my little 2 cents.

  5. Which Asus MB do you have?

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  6. Make sure your multiplier is set right XP runs at default if you don't set it.
  7. Reset the CMOS. This will make the mobo use the CPU's default frequency and multiplier. You might want to write down all the BIOS settings before you reset the CMOS.

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  8. pretty sure the default speed is 1.339 or something like that
  9. Maybe the 'Assembled in Malaysia', has something to do with that. I am always skeptical of a 9 year old assembling anything.
  10. Yeah, but a 9 year old would already have several years experience. You have to watch-out for CPUs assembled by the 6 year olds who are just starting out.

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