Looking for reccomendations on a good gaming laptop

Good day to all and thank you in advance.

I'm currently in the market for a gaming laptop also being used for school, I know there are a lot of these topics already so I apologize if it's some what redundant.

Price range 1)$2500-$4000us
screen size 1)17 or 18 inch

I've looked at boutiques such as Origin pc,falcon northwest,xotic pc with the sager laptops and also alienware but I'm always reading up mixed reviews on all.

Once again thanks in advance
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  1. AW M18x gets my vote.If the battery life/weight isn't a concern,then go for it.It's a beast !
  2. deadkraken said:
    Price range 1)$2500-$4000us
    I got to be honest with you. In that $2500 price range I think you should be looking at a $1800 gaming desktop and a $700 ultra-portable sub-notebook for your mobile computing needs.
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