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i have a p4 1.6a on an abit th7II mb. when i installed the abit mb monitor it started beeping at me. the reason it was beeping was because the volage was running lower than the parameters were defaulted at. appearently it is running at around 1.47 when the lowest it is deafulted for was 1.5. so my question is, is this normal? should i(can i) do something to make my cpu run at higher voltages? what's the advantage of higher voltages and does this lower voltage mean that i have a weak cpu? i do plan on overclocking as soon as i get my lazy ass in gear to do so, will this effect that?

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  1. The beeping was from no fan detected on one of the headers. disabling fixes that or installing the fan. Common problem.

    The voltage set in bios is what the CPU is allowed to draw vs what the mobo supplies. 1.47v is normal.

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  2. Actually, the beeping is probably from the voltage. Same thing happened with me. 1.47v is fine like fugger said, just lower the minimum value. You might as well raise the maximum value while you're at it (1.85v or so), since you'll want it higher for OCing :cool:

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  3. No matter how much voltage you raise it to in BIOS, you will not be able to hurt your P4. So dont be afraid to raise the Vcore while overclocking.

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