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How do I setup a multi printer to two PC's with windows 7 thru an AT&T two wire gateway for both PC's?
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  1. depending on the printer if its wireless you can connect the printer to your wireless network so that all computers on the network can use it or if it has ethernet input on it you can connect the printer to your router and then access it via the router. your best bet is to look up user manual for your printer
  2. If this isn't a network printer, you will need to install it on a single computer and enable file & printer sharing on that computer. Then you can set the printer to "shared". This computer will need to be on anytime any computer tries to print to it.
  3. It is an ethernet connection to the AT&T gateway two wire router and It is to be shared,I just can't get it to connect. It connects for the scanner but not the printer.
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