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Is there anyway to change the multiplier on a dell pII 233 using an intel al440lx chipset...the bios wont let me edit any of the processor settings. Tried updating the bios but the new version doesnt allow it either.
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  1. I don't recall them being locked?
    I don't know but maybe it's that they are old DELL's, but that's a far off bet. You shouldn't even bother with these CPUs, they are anyways built with Dell's bad cooling and mobos, so it ain't gonna work as well as a clone P2 233 system.
    You can try upping the BUS though in some other way?

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  2. I've managed to OC a Dell233 to a Dell266 [p2]...maintained a stable system. But I wasn't using a Dell Board...was an FIC for replacement, and I think it was 400Lx of some sort, though I'm not 100% sure. It was a manual jumper setting I used to make its multiplier one higher. May have gone even higher...but I didn't try (doubt those little things can take a whole heck of a lot..but then again, what do you have to loose?).

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  3. Yep. There is a jumper on the board that puts you into configuration mode, on the lower front corner. Use that to get in, and change the multiplier to 5x. That should work, as long as you don't overheat, giving you 333MHz.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  4. thanx crash
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