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From what I understand, the highpower delta fans are not to be connected to the motherboard as they will pull too much power and fry it. The solution is a 3 to 4 pin connector. However, my motherboard monitors heat and adjusts fan speed accordingly, a feature that i wont be able to use if the fan is directly connected to the power supply. Is there a way to connect the fan to both the power supply and mobo? Also, the enermax power supply i bought EG365P-VE(FC), for some odd reason has a three pin connector that seems to be used to connect the second fan of the power supply to the motherboard. Is the power supply fan actually drawing power from the mobo or is it just used to monitor the fan speed? Should I also worry about this drawing to much power for my mobo?
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  1. Usualy the yellow wire is the RPM lead. you can attach just that wire to the mobo so that it will read as if the fan is connected to the mobo. you can connect the power leads to a molex connector from your power supply.

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  2. thanx...but is there anyway for the motherboard to actually control the speed of the fan while the psu powers it...i have an asus board with some special feature that controls the cpu fan but it cant supply the power that some of the delta fans pull
  3. dunno about the motherboard controlling the speed, but a couple of options exist...

    with my 80mm delta atop my mcx-462, its got the 4pin connect to the PSU, as well as the singe 3 pine line to the motherboard, but ive also got the power line going thru a rheostat, so i can dial back the fan rpm from 5000 to 4000.
    ive cut a small hole in the back of my case, so the fan speed can be controlled easily. or you can get a front plate to do the same.

    another option is to find a fan with a thermal sensor... i believe thermaltake make them, and the volcano 7 Heatsink has one. the hotter it gets the faster it runs.

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  4. Hmm, I believe Q-Fan works automatically based on temp and it can't be controlled.

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  5. yerp. 4 choices

    1. no fan speed control
    2. rheostat
    3. thermally controlled
    4. switch controlled (hi, med, lo)

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