(of topic but) tomshardware lost its way

I have bin reading tomshardware now almost for about 5 ore 6 year's

And I am starting to miss the ting’s he was dowing in the beginning there were always sharp articles cut edge news on his website but now a days its getting more and more the same and like a lot of magazine’s I don’t read also any more
the spark is gone and think he needs to find him self ore I am walking
and STOP cuddle op to the company’s he is suppose to be writing about

some quote’s from the net

www.overclockers.com (from the forums)

Well.. its been a long time since I read his page with more than a passing interest...But..

I recall he did a 'watercooling' roundup not too long ago. Completely laughable. There were quite a few people on this very board that made a mockery of his 'methods' and conclusions. He pretty much had decided which manufacturer was going to win ahead of time and went thru the article with that flavor. (Tom is a pretty big 'pro-Europe/anti-American' personality. There's nothing wrong with that, per say, unless it creeps into an 'unbiased review'.)

His video card reviews have drawn scathing criticism ever since he started sporting 'Nvidia approved site' logos all over his front page.

There was the questionable tactic awhile back of spreading FUD about AMD processors. He showed processors running without HS/Fans and made some conclusions about AMD reliability.

Going back past that.. my memory gets a bit fuzzy. Mainly I recall that you'd have about 15 different reputable review places write basically the same article.. .including Tom's. Somehow Tom's reviews would come up with a review that had completely different conclusions and results than the other 14. He would go on a tirade about how all the other reviewers were idiots.. and didn't know how to test properly. Of course, it doesn't take many of those types of events to figure out the score.

Basically, Tom is a *****. Note the quantity of advertising vs. the quantity/quality of reviewing.

The biggest issue I have with him is his air of arrogance when he's nothing more than a rank amateur in most of the arenas that he tries to dabble.



Toms Hardware Guide - The first, but no longer the best, Hardware site.

End quote’s

There ware some more but think this is saying it all

greetings michael
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  1. wot, three posts in 5/6 years. if i had heard of you i'd be better able to form an opinion. however i think your a twat.

    Although it has a lot of good ideas, beer doesn't know anything about computers!!!
  2. He is posting in multiple forums. I guess he is lonely.

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  3. AHYUK! sumtimez i's gets lownli and hafto poest in multi, multip, multipal fourums. wait..no i dont...only the AHYUK side of me does...!!!


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  4. :Rolls eyes:

    This guy is just looking for a fight.

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  5. "Off" is spelled with two fs. "Of topic" is grammatically incorrect. Just an FYI.


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  6. how old are you?

    Earth is full. Go home.
  7. Yes sadly, and he fails to understand, that TOM DID NOT WRITE ANY OR A FEW OF THE RECENT ARTICLES!!!
    People stop blaming Tom all the time, he ain't here!! Geez, read who writes the articles before complaining...

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  8. petigt :smile:

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  9. lol, just det. :)


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  10. Tom doesnt write reviews much (or at all) anymore. But that doesnt excuse him. Its his site, and his reputation to protect. Therefore, If I were Tom, I would be very interested in what the articles are saying.
    In short, I agree with the original post, in part. I think many of his reviews suck. And here is why;

    1. I dont need to compare any processor to 20 others to judge it. 10 will do fine..
    2. Sometimes there are results in the comparisons that dont dont make any sense. But the author doesnt comment. For example a P4 1.8 might get beat by an Athlon 1.4 ( no flames, just an example). But why did it beat it?
    3. I rarely find negative remarks. If something sucks

    Benchmarks are like sex, everybody loves doing it, everybody thinks they are good at it.
  11. Ignore them. They love to flame any way they can and then argue about how the person they are flaming just wants to start a fight. lol pretty laughable ya know? Flaming someone is an attack or starting a fight for those who don't know.

    anyway .. about your post ... for the most part it's entirely true.

    First off it reads as "Toms Hardware". What does that mean to you folks? Does it mean it's Toms site? There are certain responsibilities people must take. If you claim something as your own then you are responsible for it and whatever product if any it produces, right?

    Just like Ford, which makes cars, when a car is defected do you take responsibility to the people who made the car or Ford? You blame it on Ford because Ford must take responsibility for it's products.

    It's basic responsibility which a lot of people have forgotten and want the government to do everything. Or, blame it on anyone close by. No one takes responsibility anymore. ALways someone elses fault and always "not in my backyard" additude. You produce a child you are responsible for him or her and whatever he or she does as another example.

    Basic necessary skills to survive!

    Are schools producing stupid people or what? What do you learn in schools nowadays anyway? Definitly NOT basic skills to survive thats for sure.

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  12. He shouldn't be excused. He is responsible for whatever happens to his site and whatever product it produces.

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  13. Hey, how ya doin'? You been to the ballpark lately? How's the wife and kids? It's wonderfull weather today isn't it? You get that promotion you been talkin' 'bout? Well, gotta go, have a swell day.

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  14. Pretty damn good, dhlucke. Thanks for asking! I don't have a wife and kids, but if I did, I would make sure they were as happy as I (though I would most certainly need a much better paying job than I currently have). That promotion is s'posed to go down this month, actually...can't wait.

    As for that first post...the AWFUL wording kept me from reading it...but I still scanned through the rest of the posts, as they were pretty legible. What were we talkin' bout...

    Oh, crack I think...sorry fresh out, try the guy next door.


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  15. It's still "Tom's Hardware" and he does have some responsability.

    However, it would be nice to track the people who do write what articles and see what way they tend to lean.

    It is interesting the point that someone made about the Nvidia endorsement, and that "Could" explain why the results that THG gets with their video card tests never seem to quite match the results other tech sites get with the same drivers and similar rigs.

    Also, there is a point in how sometimes there are suprising results and the writer fails to comment on them, as if he were assuming we had seen his coments in an earlier article and we didn't need to see them again.

    Now, in defence of THG, they have investigated several interesting subjects, such as the USB burners on USB2.0, TV digital recording, and a few other interesting subjects. Sure they haven't done full blown compairisons of several products in those fields, but they examined one or two and did bring to light some nice features of them, and who would and wouldn't find the product to be usefull.

    All in all, don't simply take THG as the only source of usefull information. Check out the other hardware sites as well, and then form your own oppinion.

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  16. "Hey, how ya doin'?" good
    "You been to the ballpark lately?" Not really too busy.
    "How's the wife and kids?" Don't have such ball and chain. Still on the sleep around with any girl stage ;)
    It's wonderfull weather today isn't it? Not really it's bloody cold and yesterday it freaken snowed. Damn freakin Buffalo weather!

    "You get that promotion you been talkin' 'bout?"
    Nope infact i got laid off and i'm on a ... lol j/k ... i got a raise though? if u care ...

    "Well, gotta go, have a swell day."
    You to Brotha!

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  17. i posted this post because tomshardware was one of my favourite site's and ware hoping that all of you would help me to give them kick at there bottem by sending them some mail's it wood be a waste of a ferry good site
    till they wrote aboud pIII fould they ware the best and kickt intels but, bud after that they become cocky and they started to run down hill

    that are just my to cents
  18. Believe me, people have been sending them email for a long, long time. This isn't really anything new.

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  19. Well, they would fear my e-mail cuz i lay the smackdown. Then you have to relieze im always laid back :cool:

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  20. Sorry rcf, I don't think they'd be too terrified to hear from you.

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  21. Thats right fear me or ally with me !!!!

    You GeForce Ti4xxx is faster then my R8500 but my R8500 is the king of Aniso baby :cool:
  22. bump.

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  23. Ok not only does this guy literally chews dhlucke's butt but he bumps topics for his pleasure. That does it, he deserves to be banned more than Melty ever WILL!!!

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