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Is it worth upgrading to a xp1900

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April 23, 2002 4:57:15 PM

I currently have a athlon 1.2 right now and am wondering if it is worth the money to buy the xp1900 now.
Any bang for my buck? At only 125 bucks now for the chip sounds like a deal, but I also want to upgrade my stock geforce3 to a geforce4 4200 when they come out. Trying to limit my upgrades to one per quarter so I have to choose.

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April 23, 2002 7:17:30 PM

Is your CPU a 133 MHZ FSB, or 100? if it's a 100, you need to make sure your motherboard and memory can handle 133 before you get the XP1900, as it needs a 133 FSB.

If your system qualifies under all of those conditions, go for it. However, waiting for the T-bread means you can probably get a faster chip that gives you less heat for less. If you need to upgrade your motherboard as well, wait for the t-bread, and get the board, cpu, and Memory all in one swoop. Heck, you could get a system you could easily push to 166/166 FSB and get a real nice system for a decient price with the Tbread ($350, depends on memory prices and CPU prices).

The jump from the GF3 to the GF4 TI4200 isn't that exciting, and I would recomend you wait. It will only effect your 3D games, nothing else, unlike a CPU upgrade.

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