bad cpu?

Just got my XP 1800+ from newegg and there is some stuff that im worried about...there is a weird discoloration on the upper left corner of th corner...check it out and tell me what you think...i am not sure whether to try it out or not...afraid that if I apply arctic silver and the heatsink to the cpu to try it out, because it is oem they probably wont let me return it...
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  1. i posted pics of the xp to
    any feedback would be appreciated
  2. At this time I cant pull that page up, its just hangin there. In any case I would suggest to be safe you call the newegg support people and ask them what you should do. That way if it fails you are covered. Keep in mind you only have like 7 or 10 days from newegg for them to accept an RMA on an OEM CPU!!

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  3. i wouldnt use it. send it back.
    when you buy something new you would expect it to arrive in pristine condition.

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  4. Well yes, but some slight discoloration is normal. I cant get to his pic so I cant tell if it is just normal or something wrong!

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  5. sorry bout the link guys...i was running an http server but to my surprise, all connections were denied by windows xp's firewall which is enavled by default...the link is back up and i appreciate your input
  6. It is VERY hard to tell in that pic cuz of the bad focus, but it almost looks like the distortion you would expect from mounting and dismounting a HSF. The white on the right side is of more concern then the greyed out look on the upper right, that is fairly normal. If you touch the core is it smooth or rough in that area? A better pic would help, but id give it a shot. Whatever you decide your clock is ticking, newegg does not give you much time to return a CPU!!!

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  7. any doubts? call them, and see if it should be returned..if they tell you to go ahead and use it, and it frys your board, then they have to pay for it...and if they dont, sue their a$$e$!!! hehe.
    but seriously..i would give them a call right away...seeing as you only have a few days!


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  8. thanks guys...i called them and they said to go ahead and try it out...will probably write an email just to have something in writing though...appreciate all the help
  9. Do you know a good lawyer that will take a case probono? I have two boards that have been damaged by a dimm from CNETPC...but the lawyer would cost more than the parts.

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  10. represent yourself. i dunno...
    i just like to say "sue their a$$e$!"
    your best bet would be to complain to the "supervisor" that they told you to try them out.
    or like you said, replace them.
    it is when there is physical damage, and they TELL you to try it that they will have to replace the parts...otherwise, they will tell you that you have no proof that their product killed the mobo.
    are the boards dead?


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  11. CNETPC is the culprit who sold me the Ram. They have been the worst purchasing experience I have ever had.

    But as for the supervisor (Desmond @ 877-542-3792), he was anything but cooperative. He calls me a liar when I tell him how long I have been attempting to contact them (finally got ahold of someone Wednesday, and since some mail was sent from my Hotmail account, I can not forward my sent messages from there, and I recently lost all data on my home PC in a virus recovery, so those emails are lost as well, but there are a few here at work I can forward him), and refused to address the subject or responsibility of the damaged MoBo's. I have a Radeon7500 that needs returned as well, but since it is partially operational, I am going to wait to be sure I either get a refund or working replacement dimm before I send them this one.

    As for the condition of the MoBo's, the MSI one has lost any practical use of it's Dimms, as all 3 slots will no longer properply address any dimm that is inserted, causing an out of memory error in almost all Windows applications, and all memory tests to fail in any OS. The Gigabyte board has lost one dimm slot for sure, and I have yet to run full tests on the other two, though only two of the three slots were used to test the CNETPC dimm, and the one that currently holds the RAM for that running system appears to be operating within acceptable paramaters. The dimm slot that has definately been damaged on the Gigabyte board will not acknowledge any dimm whatsoever that is inserted into it.

    As for the Radeon, the official drivers from ATI say the card is not supported, the speeds at which it are clocked may not be official (still researching that). There may be some other problems with the card, but I am currently running more tests to be sure before I make claim to them.

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  12. man...cnet needs to rethink their hiring process...or they need to keep their workers that is lame.


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