HP Touchpad to drop to $99. Can you install Android on it?


So i was informed that HP is leaving the tablet business that this tablet was going to drop to $99 for a fire sale.

Is it possible to uninstall WebOS and install Android 3.0 honeycomb in its place (providing you can find a way to get the android OS on a disc)? The HP Touchpad has specs very similar to the android tablets so i know its capable of handling a different OS.

If it's possible to do then i think this deal would be super worth it! Better than spending $400 on a similar Android tablet.
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  1. Play nice, or else.
  2. This is the question everyone is asking. I'm guessing you were on slickdeals and saw the massive thread about this. Apparently the android team is working on it so it's probably a matter of time before they make a version that will work well. For now, Hp's OS will be fine. It'll probably be a few months before it really needs an update anyway.
  3. Not yet, but soon you will be able to Install android on HP touchpad
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