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helping my girlfriend out--she needs a new laptop. She's been fantasizing about getting a MacBook but as a conscientious hardware geek I cant allow such a horrible thing to happen! I know all about desktop PCs but im totally in the dark when it comes to laptops. Thought you kind folks could help us out :D

The ONLY things she does with her computer are schoolwork, youtube, and general internet browsing. No gaming, no Photoshop or video editing. Nothing fancy! In terms of hardware I can't see her requiring anything more powerful than the equivalent of a Core2 duo and 2GB of RAM.

Don't care about hard drive space (100 gb is more than enough), don't care about the graphics card, don't care if its used or refurbished.

Here's what is most important:
++SCREEN SIZE: I know how hellish it to use one of those tiny netbooks when you're trying to get work done--scrolling all over the place! Better to have a decently sized screen. Something standard like 15-16" at 1366x768 is great. The thing has to be portable.

++QUALITY: This is the MOST IMPORTANT point. She's had her old PC for about 5 years. This thing has got to be built to last. Need sturdy hardware in the machine, and the case/keyboard/buttons/whatever have to be solidly built. The thing shouldn't break or it should be easy to repair.

++LOOKS: Good design matters--it should look & feel good to use. Remember, she's attracted to those macbooks because they look good. Personally, Lenovo pcs usually impress me with the way they design their touchpads/keyboards.

++PRICE: She's expecting to spend about ~$400 give or take

We live in San francisco, CA

After a quick glance on newegg this one caught my eye:
let me know what yall come up with :D
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    Hello yam;

    Here is a Lenovo G570 Review
    And a 2nd Lenovo G570 Review

    It certainly has enough performance for her needs.
    It's a $400 notebook. It's a budget model. None of that is saying +QUALITY to me. The Lenovo's you're thinking about... are probably the business class Thinkpads.
    Remember, her 5yr desktop just sat there. The notebook is going to get 'handled' with all the risk of getting bumped, dropped, spilled on, etc. So don't expect too much there.

    How about REALLY portable and still having a 1366x768 screen size, 3 1/2 lbs and a bit more 'macbook air' style than that lenovo? HP Pavilion dm1 $370
    HP Pavilion dm1z Review It's not a multi-tasking powerhouse but it's super portable and should be 'just enough' power for the work you described.
  2. Also in your price range: HP Pavilion 14" g4-1117dx $380
    A4-3300M dual core APU, an upgrade over the E-350 in the dm1. 4.7lbs
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