Will Win 7 64-bit Recognize HD Formatted Under Win XP 32-bit?

I am trying to access & retrieve docs on a IDE drive from a 32bit HP
Attach an adapter to the IDE drive –then to my 64 bit laptop,but do not see documents, just a recovery drive & some HP photos is that because I need to use a 32 bit computer to be able to see documents?
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  1. The problem is just taking ownership of the files and setting your Windows 7 permissions to allow you access. HERE is a how to.
  2. Thanks,I followed your good advice, however I’m still not seeing the documents, on the attached IDE drive , all I see is “WINDOWS” folder & a “HP RECOVERY” folder,

    I’m wondering if someone -who had it before- tried to do a recovery & deleted all the documents, since the machine is so corrupted it is un-bootable now, which is why I extracted the IDE drive to save the documents?
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    It's possible the previous user tried to recover file to the same drive they were recovering from. FAIL.

    Also, its possible that the drive was partitioned, and you are only seeing one partition, the recovery partition included on many HP/Dell/etc PCs. Check it out in the disk manager to see if you need to assign a letter to the drive or if everything looks correct.
  4. looks like HP_PAVILLION was wiped by HP recover software disc,
    if 140 gig free,

    would I be able to recover the “Documents” folder using recovery software like Recuva?
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  6. If it's really important data, don't jeopardize it, and instead see a company that specializes in data recovery. You may be able to recover some files from the drive, but my experience in the past was that those types of programs don't recover much.
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