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Anyone here have this problem and know a fix

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April 24, 2002 5:34:02 AM

First off I just built this system today. The parts are in my sig. Well I got it together after a bit of trouble. So I do as told and only plug in cpu, cpu fan h/s, hard drive, video card and memory. I push power the fans start up see lights on keyboard flash on hard drive light is on. Then it started beeping 2 beeps over and over again. Well I have read enough to know the next thing to do was reseat everything. I did that all but cpu b/c the AX-7 is a pain to get on. Still nothing just two beeps over and over. I waited a bit. Then with out touching anything other then the power button i turned it back on this time it was still beeping but I had video for the first time. Once I saw what was on the screen I pulled the plug it said " turn off power cpu fan is not turning". Well come to find out my fan was fine but the M/B had no idea because my fan is plugged into the PSU not the M/B. After that no more video, my monitor will not power up at least I don't see the green LED anymore. But I still get the Two beeps Over and Over . So now what any Ideas. If you were going to start replacing part which one first. Do I need to replace parts.

Samsung Original DDR333PC-2700 256mb
MAXTOR Quiet Drive 60GB 7200RPM Model
Lite On 32x12x40 CDRW Model LTR-32123S
Antec Original True Power Supply 430Watt

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April 24, 2002 5:41:19 AM

Most modern mobos (MSI in particular) require the CPU HSF to be plugged into the mobo. This allows the bios to monitor the fan rotation speed in case it fails. If you have an especially powerfull CPU fan then just plug a case fan ($6) into the CPU fan header to shut up the beeping (If this is the case, why did you buy the quiet drive?). If you have a regular 60-80mm CPU fan - you should have your retailer replace the fan with a 3 wire/pin model and connect it to the mobo.

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April 24, 2002 5:44:58 AM

what you COULD try doing is plug any old fan into the cpu fan header, so that the bios gets a signal, then see if you can go into the bios and disable that warning feature (hopefully).

is there anything in your motherboard manual about this feature (and how to disable it)

Despite appearances im not Phsysic. I may need your system specifications to solve your problem!
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April 24, 2002 5:50:33 PM

The first think I would do is check the mobo manual and see what the two beeps it is making stand for...there should be some table explaining what errors all of the beep signals stand for...if the problem is because of the fan, there you should probably buy a three pin connector for the fan. There is one wire, i think it is the orange (double check...really not sure) that monitors fan speed...i am pretty sure u can attach this to the new three pin connector and then plug the connector into the mobo so that it can monitor fan speed and at the same time leave the other two wires pluged into the original four pin, as they came originally, and plug the four pin into the powersupply in order to power the fan. Good luck and make sure you double check which wire it is that monitors the fan speed.