Can I install windows 7 ultimate

I dont have a windows 7 ultimate install disc but I have windows 7 ultimate sp1 install disc so could I do a clean install of SP1 on my new build or do I have to install windows 7 ultimate then upgrade to the sp1 through a windows update?
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  1. Should work as long as you own a legit key..........Tom's only supports legit questions and answers
  2. You can do an install of the SP1 version and just use your key for activation. You then will need to do the Windows updates since SP1 after the install.
  3. I dont do illegal copies but since I have sp1 disc it should work so now that's good thanks
  4. I don't do illegal copies ..........then all is well but even after service pack 1 there are over 100 updates...........
  5. krimson4eva said:
    I dont do illegal copies but since I have sp1 disc it should work so now that's good thanks
    I expect that it should work fine, but if your disk is damaged you can always download a legit trial image of the same version as your key is for from the MS online agent DIGITAL RIVER. I've used these images to do many re-installs even for OEM versions when the HDD fails so the recovery disks are useless. They activate fine with any legitimate key, but like any install need to be activated within 30 days once all is running well. Microsoft is very flexible with re-installs and I very rarely have to do a phone activation, which never even requires talking to a person.
  6. Nice thanks
  7. if your Windows is not booting or crashing TEST YOUR HARDWARE FIRST

    the product key will work on any service pack, even none (windows update will update it anyhow)

    you *can* modify a disk iso to allow all versions of windows 7 (EI) and between retail/oem (PID) just look around on google

    product keys generally activate 3 times before requiring phone activation, sometimes you do get a person but its simple questions
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