Hi i was told by the sale,s person when thinking of getting a Net Book that i ca

Hi i,ve been told that i can,t use the free AVG on a net book,have i just been given the hard sell by a sale,s person trying to sell me Norton.Thanks Vivienne
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  1. yes you can use it

    was it pc world--currys or dixons by any chance?

    did they try to sell you office as well?
  2. Of course you can use AVG on a netbook unless your buying something junk like http://www.ebay.com/itm/7-Mini-Netbook-Notebook-Laptop-WIFI-Windows-CE-2GB-HD-/200533145557#ht_5874wt_1139.
  3. Hello vivienne;

    What make and model of Netbook? In some cases, that might be correct.

    But you're right to be suspicious. Plenty of good, free AV software out there.
  4. Thank You All for your reply,s it,s a Samsgug Dual Core £250 at Curry,s,i,m not that well up on this computor thing,i just want a lighter and a quick net book with a 10 hour bat life for when i,m away from home.
  5. This SAMSUNG NP-NC110 model?. It will run AVG Free (slowly)
    Any 'Netbook with N550 dual core Atom CPU is a good choice. Better if you upgrade to 2GB of RAM.
    Samsung NC110 Review
    Free Must-Have Netbook Apps includes AVG Free

    Lower prices @ saveonlaptops.co.uk Samsung Netbooks
    Lots more choices too.
  6. Thank You
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